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Lana Snook - HR Consulting provides the behind the scenes support to ensure that you can get on with your business supporting your clients and ensuring your staff are able to operate effectively and efficiently.  With a strong proven background in the not-for-profit sector, you can be assured that our approach is ethical, inclusive and transparent.

HR Consulting

Expert Guidance when you need it.

Assistance in policy and procedures.

Training, supporting and mentoring managers.

Addressing performance issues.

HR Audits.

HR Support

We are your back-up HR team.

If you are a small organisation in need of ad hoc HR support and HR Management, we can help.

If your HR Manager or advisor is on leave, and you need a back-up, we are here for you.

If your HR Manager needs support or an objective perspective, we can provide guidance and mentoring in situations where it is not possible for the HR team to do the work (e.g. through conflict of interest, or an internal grievance).

HR Advice

When you want to get on with your business and have someone on hand to sound out an idea, or check you are on track.

Talk to us about a package to suit your needs, either a regular catch-up, or ad hoc advice and support.

Does your company need our services? Message us today.

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